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Extractors, or headers, as they are often called, replace the original cast iron or tubular exhaust manifold, and are designed to improve the power and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Depending upon the application, improvements of between 5% and 20% in performance and economy are usual.

Many people say that 4 into 1 extractors give the maximum top end horsepower, whilst the try-Y design is best for normal driving and fuel economy.

4 into 1's or tuned length, as they are often called, are cheaper to make than try-Y's, yet are often sold at a premium price because they look more impressive, and are said to make more power than try-Y's. From my own experience, and from reliable feedback from customers, I would say that a good set of try-Y's will out perform a good set of 4 into 1's, including maximum power, in most applications.

As further evidence, Rouse-Yates, who build the most powerful 360 and 410 ci Sprintcar engines in the world, supply a set of try-Y headers with their new engines.

We are happy to supply and fit either design. Our preferred brands are Advance and Pacemaker. We can also custom make extractors when necessary.

Shown below is a selection of Ken's custom made extractors, available in a variety of primary and secondary pipe sizes to suit various applications from every day driving to modified or supercharged.


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