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Custom Exhausts

Ken has been custom making extractors, turbo manifolds, and sports systems for over 30 years.

This is the work that he really loves to do. Racing cars and motorcycles equipped with Ken's extractors and systems have won many state and national championships. 

With such a range of low priced turbo manifolds and kit systems available off the shelf, there is much less demand for the true one-off custom work than there used to be. However, for fussy customers, there is no substitute for a custom made system that fits perfectly, is symmetrical in all ways, strong hangers- all correctly aligned and a deep tone that no Chinese muffler can hope to compete with.

If you own a hot rod, street machine, or show car, then you probably won't be able to buy a bolt-on system for it, anyway, which is a good excuse to spend a bit extra, and get Ken to design something that can be a real highlight of your vehicle.


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