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Sports Exhausts

Sports exhaust systems either come in kit form from an outside manufacturer such as Pacemaker, or are custom made and fitted by Ken at his workshop.

Kit systems are always cheaper, thanks to modern mass production. They are available for most popular models including Falcons, Commodores, some Japanese, Korean and European models, and turbo diesels.

Many drivers of turbo diesel dual cabs are looking for more power and economy, especially when loaded up with gear for a trip. A 2.5" or 3" system is a safer option than chipping it for more fuel and a boost increase, especially if the motor is to be worked hard towing a van or trailer. The free flowing system  helps the turbo to spool up quicker, and also helps get the hot exhaust gases away from the turbo and the engine much quicker.  As well as improving power and economy, the free flowing exhaust system is actually good for your engine.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of poor quality, ill fitting kit systems being sold on the internet. There are also a few good ones at reasonable prices. One that I recommend is Pacemaker's King Brown 4X4 exhaust systems. These are made from 409 stainless, which is less brittle than the shiny 304 grade that most imported systems use, and the King Brown systems have good strong hangers, and fit correctly. What's more, they are made here in South Australia by a reputable company, so in the unlikely event of a warranty claim, there won't be a problem.

Sometimes, a custom made system is required, and this is the creative work that Ken really enjoys. Whether it's for the latest VF Commodore, FGX XR8, 4X4 turbo diesel, street machine, classic car, or racing car, Ken has the enthusiasm and experience to custom make pretty much anything that is practicably possible to make.


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